Welcome to the The File Format WikiEdit

Welcome To The File Format Wiki! 302 file types since September 7, 2011.

We Have All Kinds of General File Formats. So take a quick search to see if we have what you are looking for and if it we have it we may show you what main program runs it

Where it's all fromEdit

All of the file format information in this wiki is from - The Central File Extensions Registry .

Please provide a reference and a link to the source when copying information from another website.


The Community and The rest of the web...

We would especially thank everyone for working on this wiki!

We recently received our 256th file extension! As we all know, 256 is a very special number!

Our ThanksEdit

For images: Mocha2007andcoco

For the wiki: Max11T

For the extra details: Mocha2007andcoco

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