Type: Image Files

Acronym: Thumbnail Image File

Opens With: Any Image Viewer

Small, icon-sized image that represents a larger image; commonly used on the Web and in clip art galleries; may be created by various photo or video editing programs; also produced by some digital cameras as small sample images of photos captured by the camera.


Type: Image Files

Acronym: Video Thumbnail File

Opens With: Any Image Viewer

Thumbnail image generated by digital camcorders and software programs when a video clip is saved; contains a small image from video clip's first frame; used for visually browsing through a collection of video clips.

Video thumbnails are often saved to memory cards when video is captured on digital camcorders or digital cameras that record video. THM files may or may not be transferred to the computer depending on what software is used to import the video. Each THM file shares the same filename as its associated video clip. For example, "clip001.thm" would be created for "clip001.avi."

NOTE: THM files often are saved using JPEG formatting. Therefore, you can either try to open them directly in an image viewer, or you can change the file extension to ".jpg" and open them with any .JPG viewer.


Type: Misc Files

Acronym: Sony Ericsson Theme File

Opens With: Sony Ericsson Themes Creator

Theme file used by Sony Ericsson mobile phones; stores settings used to customize the user interface of the cell phone; includes custom window and text colors, icons, wallpaper, and other images; can be created and edited using the free Themes Creator from Sony Ericsson.


Type: Executable Files

Acronym: Thermwood Macro File

Opens With: Thermwood Mastercam

Macro file used by Thermwood CNC Routers; contains router machining instructions that automate router processes; a list of CNC events are also saved in a file named "hist.thm."

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