Type: CAD Files

Acronym: Adobe Extension Data Markup Language Document

Opens With: MeshLab

Design format used for stereolithography, a rapid prototyping technology used for producing three-dimensional parts; contains a 3D design used as a master model for creating numerous prototypes.

Stereolithography is an interchange file format. It is used to save CAD files in a standard format that can be read by multiple CAD applications.


Type: Data Files

Acronym: Fireworks Style Library

Opens With: Adobe Fireworks CS5

Library of styles referenced by Macromedia (now Adobe) Fireworks; may be used to apply Stroke, Fill, Effect, and Text attributes to an object within an open Fireworks project; can be helpful for creating a uniform look across multiple objects.

Some styles are included with Fireworks, though additional styles may be added to the program. To add extra styles, click the small icon in the top right corner of the Styles panel in Fireworks and select "Import Styles." Then browse to an STL file and click OK to add the style library to your current collection.

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