Type: Developer Files

Acronym: Scratch Project File

Program created with Scratch, an application development platform created at MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology); contains code written in the Scratch programming language and may be used to create small games and other types of interactive programs.

A Scratch project may be compiled as a Java archive (.JAR file), which can be run in a Web browser.


Type: Developer Files

Acronym: Small Basic Source Code File

Opens With: Microsoft Small Basic, any text editor

Text source code file created using the Microsoft Small Basic programming language; contains Small Basic program code; can be compiled into an executable .EXE file using Small Basic; commonly used to create simple games.

By providing a simple syntax and graphical user interface, Small Basic helps introduce students to programming in educational environments. Small Basic programs may be published to the Web and played using the Microsoft Silverlight player.


Type: Audio Files

Acronym: Signed Byte Audio File

Opens With: Apple QuickTime Player

Raw, signed 8-bit (1 byte) audio data encoded using Pulse Code Modulation (PCM), a method of encoding analog audio signals in digital form.