Type: Game Files

Acronym: Saved Game

Opens With: Program that created the file

Generic extension used for saved files; typically used for saving progress in video games.


Type: Data Files

Acronym: SPSS Data File

Opens With: IBM SPSS

Data file created by SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences), an application used for statistical analysis; saved in a proprietary binary format and contains a dataset as well as a dictionary that describes the dataset; saves data by "cases" (rows) and "variables" (columns).

SAV files are often used for storing datasets extracted from databases and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. However, they can also save data that has been entered manually by the user or data that has been generated by the software.

SPSS datasets can be manipulated in a variety of ways using the SPSS engine, but they are most commonly used to perform statistical analysis tests such as regression analysis, analysis of variance, and factor analysis. Results can be graphed to a variety of supported chart types, including bar graphs, line graphs, scatter plots, and histograms.


Type: Game Files

Acronym: Nintendo DS Save File

Opens With: DeSmuME

Saved game created for games on the Nintendo DS portable game system; may include game information such as the character name, experience points, completed levels, and in-game resources; stores the state of the current game progress.

SAV files are often found with an .NDS Nintendo DS ROM file, and are sometimes required in order for the ROM to run properly. NOTE: When transferring SAV files to a new Nintendo DS flash card, you must make sure that the file format is compatible or the saved game may not load.


Type: Backup Files

Acronym: Parallels Desktop Saved State Image File

Opens With: Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac

File saved by Parallels Desktop, a program that allows users to run Windows from Mac computers; stores the state of the Parallels Desktop virtual machine (VM) when it is paused or suspended; used to load and save VM states.

SAV files store the state of the machine and all running applications when the VM is paused.

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