Type: Audio

Acronym: Ogg Vorbis Audio File

Opens With: MPlayer, VideoLAN VLC media player, Microsoft Windows Media Player with DirectShow filter, RealNetworks RealPlayer with Xiph OGG plugin

Compressed audio file that uses free, unpatented Ogg Vorbis audio compression; similar to an .MP3 file, but sounds better than an MP3 file of equal size; can include song metadata, including artist information and track data; supported by many software music players and some portable music players.

The Ogg format is a container used for storing audio data. The term "Vorbis" refers to a specific encoding scheme provided by Xiph.Org, the developers of Ogg. OGG files may also include other types of audio compression, including FLAC and Speex. However, these files then cannot officially be referred to as "Vorbis" files, since they use a different compression scheme.