Type:Misc Files

Acronym:OpenDocument Formula

Opens With:, Apache Open Office, LibreOffice

Document created by Math, a program used for creating math formulas; saves the text used for creating the formula as well as the pretty-printed equation; can be printed to a .PDF file with the formatted results.

ODF files are based on the OASIS OpenDocument standard.


Type: Data Files

Acronym: Open Document File

Opens With: Apache Open Office

Generic file created using the Open Document Format (ODF) standard; may contain one of several types of Open Document data, such as spreadsheet, text, or presentation data; saved in the XML-based OASIS Open Document Format and supported by multiple productivity applications.

NOTE: ODF files are more commonly seen with a specific extension type, such as .ODT for word processing documents, .ODS for spreadsheets, or .ODP for presentations.


Type: Game Files

Acronym: Battlezone Object Definition File

Opens With: Activision Battlezone, Any text editor

Game settings file used by Battlezone, a 3D game where players battle with futuristic combat vehicles; contains plain text specifications for game objects, called "classes;" may define unit names, mission objectives, vehicle properties, artificial intelligence players, sound effect file references, and other settings.

Since ODF files are saved in a text format, they can be opened and edited with any text editor. ODF files are typically stored within the Activision\Battlezone\addon directory. They are one of several other files that comprise a game map.

NOTE: Battlezone was released in 1998.