Type: 3D Image Files

Acronym: Adobe Extension Data Markup Language Document

Opens With: Adobe Dreamweaver CS5

Three-dimensional scene file created by 3ds Max, a 3D modeling, animation, and rendering application; may contain multiple models that include wireframes, textures, lighting effects, shading, animation, and other 3D design elements; used for developing professional graphics for games, film, and television. MAX files can be exported to many different formats in 3ds Max, including .FBX, .AI, .DWG, .DXF, .IGS, .SAT, .STL, and many others. NOTE: 3ds Max was previously known as 3D Studio MAX, which also saved scenes using the ".max" extension. You can still export scenes to .3DS files in the latest version of the 3ds Max software.


Type: Image Files

Acronym: PaperPort Scanned Document

Opens With: Nuance PaperPort 14

Image imported via scanner or created by ScanSoft PaperPort scanning software; saved in a proprietary format used by ScanSoft software.

ScanSoft is now part of Nuance Communications, Inc.


Type: Page Layout Files

Acronym: OmniPage Scanned Document

Opens With: Nuance OmniPage 18

Scanned image or text document saved by OmniPage scanning software; recognizes characters and words and detects page layout information using OCR software.

OmniPage was previously developed by ScanSoft, which was acquired by Nuance Communications, Inc.


Type: Game Files

Acronym: Action Replay Max Save File

Opens With: PS2 Save Builder, PS2 Save Converter

Saved file created by Datel's Action Replay MAX, a PlayStation 2 (PS2) program used for applying cheats to PS2 games and creating PS2 saves; contains the saved state of a PS2 video game; can be saved to a hard drive or transferred to a PC using a USB flash drive.

MAX files can be opened directly on the PlayStation 2 using the Memory Manager on the PS2 Action Replay MAX disc.

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