Type: Text Files

Acronym: Log File

Opens With: Any text editor

Log file used by various operating systems and programs; typically contains a plain text log of certain events with their timestamps; may be created by the operating system to keep track of system events or by a software installation program to list location and names of installed files.

Web servers also generate log files to track visitors and to monitor bandwidth usage. Web stats programs allow Web hosts to analyze log files through generated charts and graphs, which present logged website traffic data in a graphical format.


Type: Data Files

Acronym: AntiVir Report Log File

Opens With: Avira AntiVir

Virus scan report created by AntiVir, an antivirus program for Windows; saved in a plain text format and contains a log of an anvitirus scan or a software update; used for saving the antivirus software history.

AntiVir LOG files can be viewed through the Overview → Reports pane, which shows a list of reports. From this pane, open a report and click the Report file button to open the file.

LOG files are saved to the following directory: Program Data\Avira\AntiVir Desktop\LOGFILES\.

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