Type: Executable File

Acronym: Windows Executable File

Executable program file created for Windows or DOS operating systems; runs when opened and should execute when double-clicked; can also be a self-extracting archive that extracts files to a specified location. The files Setup.exe and Install.exe are common installer files included with Windows and DOS software. Double-clicking these files should begin the installation process.

NOTE: EXE files will not run in Mac OS X, but can be run using emulation software, such as Parallels Desktop for Intel-based Macs. Darwine and Crossover can also open some Windows programs.


Type: Executable Files

Acronym: Application

Opens With: Rare Ideas Platform

Computer program that can run from a portable device such as a USB flash drive, iPod, or portable hard drive; contains user settings on the portable device, allowing the program to run the same on multiple computers. Portable apps use the compound file extension .PAF.EXE.