Type: Developer Files

Acronym: Document Type Definition File

Opens With: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, any text editor

Text file that specifies elements and attributes used in an XML, SGML, HTML, or XHTML document; can also define the ordering and nesting for elements and their attributes; commonly referenced within Web pages using a URL. DTD files are also used to validate whether a file represents a valid document. For example, before parsing an XML file, a program may first validate the markup declarations using a DTD file to make sure that the XML can be parsed properly.


Type: Data Files

Acronym: Design Tools Draw File

Opens With: TechSoft UK 2D Design

Drawing created by 2D Design, a program used for creating two-dimensional designs; may contain lines, shapes, colors, and other drawing elements; may be resized without losing image quality; used for various types of drawings, including buildings, vehicles, machines, and logos.

DTD files may be exported to many file formats, including .DXF, .EMF, .WMF, .BMP, .GIF, .JPG, .PNG, .TIF, and .PLT files.

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