Type: Database Files

Acronym: FoxPro Database Index

Opens With: Microsoft Visual FoxPro

Index used by a FoxPro database, which improves the efficiency of searching and sorting items in the database.


Type: Page Layout Files

Acronym: FAXserve Fax Document

Opens With: ACCPAC FAXserve, GraphicRegion Able Fax Tif View, SFaxTools Studio FaxSee Pro or Smart FaxSee

Fax format used by ACCPAC FAXserve, a program that can send, receive, and broadcast faxes from a computer; saves images and text in a digital format that is viewable by multiple fax programs.


Type: Image Files

Acronym: Zsoft Multi-Page Paintbrush File

Opens With: Adobe Photoshop CS5, Nuance OmniPage 18, XnView

Multi-page image file created by various image programs; contains a small header that identifies the DCX file followed by a sequence of .PCX files; commonly used to create digital fax files.

The DCX file format was originally developed by Zsoft.

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