Type: Page Layout Files

Acronym: Computable Document Format File

Opens With: Wolfram Research CDF Player

Interactive document created in the Computable Document Format (CDF), a document standard developed by Wolfram Research; may contain interactive graphs and other visual materials in addition to static text and page formatting; can load visualization data on-demand from within the document file.

CDF documents can be used for various purposes, including business presentations, journal articles, and e-learning materials such as textbooks and tutorials. The format is used by teachers, scientists, publishers, and others.

CDF files can be opened using the Wolfram CDF Player, which is a standalone application and a Web browser plug-in provided freely by Wolfram Research. The player supports Mac, Windows, Linux, and mobile platforms.


Type: Data Files

Acronym: Common Data Format

Opens With: Unidata NetCDF, NcView

Scientific data format that can include scalar, vector, and multi-dimensional data arrays.


Type: Data Files

Acronym: Affymetrix Chip Definition File

Opens With: Affymetrix Tiling Analysis Software, VSN GenStat, RMAExpress, dChip

Library file used by Affymetrix DNA microarray analysis software; specifies the layout of a "GeneChip" array and contains the definition of the data stored in an Affymetrix .CEL file; used for understanding and analyzing CEL data.

A GeneChip is a physical chip containing DNA microarray biological data. GeneChips are manufactured by Affymetrix.


Type: Data Files

Acronym: Content Definition File

Opens With: ECMG Reader, ECMG Explorer

XML-based data format designed for storing and sharing abstract Enterprise Content Management (ECM) content and metadata; can be used to exchange content across repositories and organizations.

The CDF format was originally defined as part of the Content Transformation Services (CTS) framework by the Enterprise Content Management Group (ECMG).


Type: Data Files

Acronym: Nominal Small Business Accounting Company Data File

Opens With: bsmArt Consulting Nominal Small Business Accounting

Accounting data file created by Nominal Small Business Accounting, an application used to track company finances; contains accounts, purchase and sale items, exchange terms, payment methods, tax codes, and employee payroll information for a company.

CDF files can be used for storing all accounting information for a small-sized business.


Type: Web Files

Acronym: Channel Definition Format

Opens With: Netscape Navigator with Netcaster support

Scientific data format that can include scalar, vector, and multi-dimensional data arrays.

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