Type: Settings Files

Acronym: BlackMagic Custom Palette

Opens With: Adobe Photoshop CS5

Palette of custom colors used by BlackMagic, a Photoshop plug-in for colorizing black-and-white, sepia, and IR photos; stored by default in the palettes folder within the BlackMagic directory; can be loaded and saved using the Load and Record buttons in the BlackMagic Image window.

BlackMagic is developed by NeuralTek and is based on Timebrush RLC (Real Life Color) technology. The same technology is also used to colorize black and white movies.


Type: Developer Files

Acronym: Borland C++ Makefile

Opens With: Borland C++ Compiler

Software program makefile, which describes files, dependencies, and rules for building a C++ application; used in Borland C/C++ development tools prior to C++ Builder; created for 16-bit programs, but supported by 32-bit programs as well.


Type: Page Layout Files

Acronym: Business Card Designer Plus File

Opens With: CAM Development Business Card Designer Plus

Business card created with Business Card Designer Plus; includes card layout information as well as text and images used in the card design; may be created from a template or from scratch.

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