Type: Data Files

Acronym: Adobe Bridge Cache File

Opens With: Adobe Bridge CS5

File browsing cache created by Adobe Bridge, a program used for managing files used with Adobe Creative Suite (CS) applications; contains metadata automatically generated by the application when a user browses images; used for summarizing image information more quickly. BC files are saved with .BCT files, which store image thumbnails for the cache. Adobe Bridge's cache files may be either centralized or distributed, meaning they are stored in one location or distributed to every folder being browsed. Users can set the caching option in the software. BC files have the name Adobe Bridge Cache.bc. NOTE: It is safe to delete BC and BCT files from your hard drive. However, Adobe Bridge will regenerate them the next time you preview files in the application.


Type: Misc Files

Acronym: BitComet Partially Downloaded File

Incomplete file downloaded by BitComet, a BitTorrent P2P file sharing program; may be a download in progress or a download that has been stopped by the user. If the connection between the client and the server is dropped, BitComet downloads can typically be resumed as long as the same file is available on one or more servers within the P2P network. Files downloaded by the original BitTorrent program use the .TORRENT extension.