Type: Developer Files

Acronym: ActionScript Communication File

Opens With: Adobe Flash CS5

Script written in ActionScript, a programming language used to control Flash-based applications; contains code that is executed by the Flash Media Server hosting software; used for controlling application events, such as loading Flash applications, communicating with other servers, accessing resources, and streaming multimedia content. ASC files may be generated by Adobe Media Encoder (included with Adobe's Creative Suite) or the free Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder. They may be used by either Flash Media Streaming Server (for simple applications) or Flash Media Interactive Server (for applications that require multiway communication). By default, Flash Media Server executes the file main.asc when it runs an application.


Type: Text Files

Acronym: ASCII Text File

Opens With: Any text ecitor

Plain text file stored in the ASCII format.


Type: Encoded Files

Acronym: PGP ASCII Armored File

Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) file containing a digitally signed message; may store plain-text written information, as well as binary information encoded as text; also includes a key as clear-signed text, which can be verified using PGP authentication methods; commonly used for posting online security notices as well as securely transmitting messages via email.

Since ASC files can contain textual representations of binary information, they may be larger in size than the original pre-encoded file. However, this tradeoff is usually worth the overhead for verifying the source and content of transmitted information.


Type: CAD Files

Acronym: LTspice Circuit Schematic File

Opens With: Linear Technology LTspice

CAD file created by LTspice, a Spice III circuit simulation application; stores a circuit schematic, which contains the circuit layout, symbols (components stored in .ASY files), and connections; used for simulating a circuit in the software.


Type: Text Files

Acronym: Autodesk ASCII Export File

Opens With: Any text ecitor

Text file containing geometric shapes and points information; exported by various Autodesk programs; saves data in a text format, which is more compatible with other programs.

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